Keren Loyer Melbourne Celebrant

Yvonne and Colin



We met Keren over a coffee about 16 weeks out from getting married.  She put us at ease instantly, so much so the private questions didn’t feel so personal!

She called us ‘her couples’, that is how we felt from the moment we met, and we felt we were in very capable hands and looked after every step of the way.  She took care

of all the little details.

She organised a ‘Pre-Wedding’ rehearsal about 2 weeks out and made small adjustments.  Gave me the confidence to read out a poem I had prepared for my husband to be that I wanted her to do, I was nervous but I did it!

She managed to tailor the ceremony to our needs; real (because we’d been round the block!), added a touch of humour bringing everyone together to celebrate.

Thank you Keren, you made our day special and the fact that you hung round afterwards to share a glass of bubbles was very special, so much so one of our family members asked whether she was our friend.

Yes, if you want someone to create a friendly, warm atmosphere who is personal, natural…Keren is your celebrant.

Thank you so so much for being such being a wonderful Celebrant.

Yvonne and Colin x