Keren Loyer Melbourne Celebrant

Gavin and Tanya

My husband and I had the pleasure of being married twice by Keren – once for just a legal ceremony and the second time in the presence of family and friends.
We cannot recommend Keren highly enough! She was gracious and exuded positive, happy energy at both ceremonies and engaged with not only the two of us and our sons but also the larger audience.
Keren has a gift for making everyone around her feel wonderful about themselves and we saw this in abundance during our ceremonies!
We met with Keren several times to answer her questions about us: how we met; our feelings for each other; information about our families. She took our answers and incorporated them into a moving, emotional and joyous introduction to our ceremony – we couldn’t have been more delighted by her crafting of our story together.
Her warmth, poise and ebullient presence, combined with her complete professionalism and true delight in her role as celebrant made our special day even more wonderful. Her sincerity and her brilliantly crafted story of our romance moved many of our friends and family to tears and left us very grateful we had been fortunate enough to have her as our celebrant.
Keren was also very flexible and accommodating when we needed to move the ceremony indoors as 43C was a little too hot for our outdoor ceremony!
In short, if you are looking for an exceptional celebrant who will make your day about YOU and brilliantly engage your family and friends in the tale of your romance, then you need look no further than Keren.

Dr. Gavin and Tanya Mudd